General Definition of Globalization, Modernization and Westernization

General Definition of Globalization, Modernization and Westernization
The term globalization comes from the English word global which means universal and lization which means process. So the meaning of globalization according to the term is as a process of spreading new elements of information, thought, lifestyle, and technology worldwide. The occurrence of globalization is marked by the process of a country’s borders becoming increasingly narrow or fading because of the ease of interacting with the country both by exchanging information, trade, lifestyle, and other forms of interaction. In General, Understanding Globalization is a worldwide process where individuals are not bound by countries or increasingly narrower regional boundaries.
Globalization apart from the above understanding, there are also opinions of experts, among others, as follows or according from South African Journals;
Achmad Suparman: Understanding Globalization according to Achmad Suparman that globalization is a process that makes a thing or behavior as a characteristic of every individual in the world without being limited by territory.
Selo Soemardjan: Understanding globalization according to Selo Soemardjan is a process of forming a system of organization and communication between people throughout the world to follow certain systems and certain rules in common.
Understanding Modernization is a form of movement from underdeveloped or underdeveloped towards a better way to achieve the life of a more developed, developing and prosperous society.
Modernization is a process of change from the traditional way to a new, more advanced way to improve the quality of people’s lives. The birth of modernization is the result of advancing science and technology that continues to grow. The level of technology in building modernization is felt and enjoyed by all walks of life from metropolitan cities to remote villages.
Modernization has attracted the attention of experts who express their opinions in the understanding of experts. As according to Widjojo Nitisastro, and Soerjono Soekanto, following his opinion ..
Widjojo Nitisastro: Understanding Modernization according to Widjojo Nitisastro is a total transformation and traditional or premodern shared life in terms of technology and social organization, towards economic and political patterns.
Soerjono Soekanto: Understanding Modernization according to Soerjono Soekanto who said that modernization is a form and directed social change based on a plan that is usually called social planning.
Understanding Westernization is a process where people live or adopt Western culture in various fields including politics, industry, technology, economics, law, style of food, clothing, religion, language, and values.
Westernization is a large current that has political, social, cultural and technological outreach. Westernization is the embodiment of the Christian-Zionist-colonist conspiracy against Muslims. With westernization, the life of the nation, especially Muslims in the world, has become westernized. The concept of westernization is materialistic and modernizing. Westernization can be interpreted as complete freedom.
The opinions of experts regarding the meaning of westernization are as follows; Arif Furtonutely: According to Arif Furtonutely, that the notion of westernization is a large current in the political, social, cultural, cultural, knowledge and artistic dimensions to change the character of life of nations in the world in general and Islamic countries in particular into Western ideologies.
Eka Gunawan: Understanding Westernization according to Eka Gunawan in his book Modernization, Westernization, Secuiarisation that the definition of westernization is as a process of imitation by a society / state about the culture of western countries which is considered better than the culture of the country itself.
Differences in Globalization, Modernization & Westernization. Globalization: increasing interdependence among countries in the world, not a single country can live alone without the assistance of other countries. Modernization: changing the way of thinking from traditional and irrational to rational, efficient and practical ways of thinking. Westernization: lies in the process of identification and imitation of western culture. Thus a brief article on Understanding, Differences Globalization, Modernization and Westernization. Hopefully this article about the understanding of globalization, modernization and westernization will be useful. Thank you.
Social interactions are social relations that involve relationships between individuals, individuals (individuals) with groups, and groups with groups. Without social interaction there would not be a life together. Social process is an interaction or mutual relationship or mutual influence between humans that lasts throughout his life in society.
According to Soerjono Soekanto, social processes are defined as related ways that can be seen if individuals and social groups meet each other and determine the system and form of social relations.
Understanding Social Interaction according to some experts can be concluded that, interaction is a reciprocal relationship between two or more people, and each person involved in it plays an active role. In the interaction is also more than just a relationship between the parties involved, but there is mutual influence.
Social interaction can occur because of the factors that encourage so that led to the process of social interaction. Social interaction factors occur in two factors, namely factors from within a person or factors from the individual itself and factors from outside the individual or from outside the person. of the two factors there are various impulses that make things in interactions can occur can be related to others such as in terms of social interaction so that the two factors that occur social interaction is very important in the occurrence of social interaction. To find an explanation of these two factors, internal factors and external or individual factors, let’s look at the explanation below.